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Advanced Learner Program

About the Advanced Learner Program

D.C. Everest is proud to host the DCE Challenge Magnet Program for advanced learners in grades 2 - 5. Students selected for the program attend Riverside Elementary, where they participate in an accelerated and differentiated curriculum where instruction focuses on higher level cognitive skills, problem solving, logic, and creativity. Students qualifying for placement in the program need to acquire academic knowledge quickly, apply knowledge in creative and productive ways, and demonstrate a strong desire to learn.

The district has established an Advanced Learning Committee in order to A) better identify students who would benefit from advanced academic opportunities; and B) expand advanced learning opportunities. As part of that process, the District implemented a new advanced learner screening process to ensure we identify students with demonstrated levels of academic competence and those who exhibit the potential for high levels of competence but may be underperforming for their ability level. By screening for both demonstrated competence and high levels of potential, we hope to better identify students who may benefit from a more challenging academic option.

In order to be considered for the Challenge Magnet Program, students must be nominated by a teacher or parent/guardian. Parents may nominate their student by completing the forms. The forms are due in February prior to the school year you want to nominate your student for the program. If you need additional information to decide if you should nominate your child(ren), an informational meeting will be held each year.

Nominated students will participate in several testing/screening procedures to assess whether the program is a good fit. Families will be notified of the results and if the student is accepted into the program, parents must complete the Permission for Placement form. Families will attend an informational meeting in spring.

For more information concerning the program, contact Riverside Elementary Principal Kevin Kampmann at 715.359.2417.

Nomination Information

The Only Advanced Learner/Challenge Magnet Program for Elementary Students in the Region

The nomination period opens January 2, 2024 for grades 1-4.

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Advanced Learner Nominations and Screening Timeline 


Friday, April 5

Parents are notified with screening results

Monday, April 15

Informational Meeting, Riverside IMC

5:00 pm

Informational meeting for parents of all students accepted in the Advanced Learner/Challenge Magnet Program
WebEx option also available for parents 

6:00-7:00 pm

Prospective Parents are welcome to join our Quarterly Advanced Learner Parent Night, where current students will display this quarters projects in the Multipurpose Room.

Monday, April 22

Deadline for parents to notify the Principal and Administrative Assistant by e-mail for those students accepting placement into the Advanced Learner/Challenge Magnet Program.

Kevin Kampmann- Principal

Jessica Krautkramer- Administrative Assistant